M2M and IoT Platform

Organizations will require increased automation and cyber security as essential capabilities in their M2M and IoT platform. To complete the offering and build an M2M and IoT business, they will also need access to global carrier network services and bandwidth to enable communications as well as industry applications that fit their use cases to accelerate their deployments.

This is what M2Mi offers - telecom-certified industry applications and bundled global carrier bandwidth/data services utilizing 250+ telecom partners in over 200 countires worldwide as part of our Vodafone M2M partnership. This is combined with core M2M Intelligence® automation and cyber security platform to provide a ready to deploy M2M and IoT solutions for organizations.




The solution can be provided as a public cloud based offering or can utilize an organization's existing private cloud and data center infrastructure. M2Mi cloud orchestration can optimize existing infrastructure so organizations can focus on developing enterprise applications that enable M2M and IoT business requirements.


M2M and IoT Platform features and benefits


Automation and cyber security as core platform
Rapidly deploy secure M2M services from the device to the cloud
Bundled global carrier data and bandwidth services over 250+ networks in 200+ countries
Broad reach and single bill for the technology platform and data access, globally
Large collection of telecom-certified industry applications
Plug and play or modify these applications to suite your company specific use case scenarios
Enable cloud based M2M and IoT offerings
Utilize your cloud/data center, hybrid or public clouds such as IBM SoftLayer, etc
Utilize existing infrastructure
Focus on building enterprise M2M applications on top of the M2Mi solution


By bundling global telecom bandwidth and data services as well as a large collection of available applications with the M2M Intelligence® platform, M2Mi provides an integrated solution to enable organizations to rapidly deploy revenue-generating M2M and IoT services. Contact us to find out more.

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M2M and IoT Platform for Enterprise Clouds

The solution integrates several key M2Mi, IBM and Intel technologies to deliver a standards based M2M and IoT service platform.

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