M2M Automation

Simplifies complex network, device connectivity, provisioning and cloud data center operations to drive value for M2M services – without ripping or replacing existing investments
M2M-Automation Provisioning Network virtualization Orchestration Policy Fastdata Intelligence Connectivity


Analyze and respond

Discover and understand the real-time ecosystem context around devices, applications, networks, security etc. This intelligence enables automated, system-wide synchronized responses based on the current environment

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Policy Management
Drive business impact

Enables a functional model to drive infrastructure decisions. Policies including compliance, QoS, SLA agreements, security and performance can be used to enable rapid responses within a dynamic environment

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Fast data
True value from M2M

M2M and IoT is context driven and requires near real-time analysis to drive value. M2M Automation provides the connections, access to data and rapid provisioning of enterprise applications that will drive fast data intelligence and value

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Applications to networks

Optimizes and rapidly provisions the infrastructure (networks, VMs, firewalls, load balancers, etc) including enabling policy-based rapid deployment of multi-tier enterprise applications

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Network Virtualization
For leveling complexity

Simplify complex, heterogeneous networks and use deep integration at the network OS layer to enable intelligent reconfiguration. Support changing business policies without replacing existing legacy assets

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Synchronize and automate change

Rapidly orchestrate multi-system infrastructure policy changes without impact, so the business can meet QoS, SLA requirements and thrive in a dynamic environment

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Device to data center

Connect large numbers of devices through multiple protocols and service provider networks while meeting policy requirements around QoS, performance and security

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M2M Intelligence® Product Demonstration Videos

M2M Automation architecture


M2M Automation architecture for the Internet of Things


  • Policy driven infrastructure provisioning

  • Deep network orchestration for intelligent ecosystem analysis

  • Multi-system synchronized changes to meet SLA requirements

  • Secure network connectivity from device through cloud data center


M2M Automation Datasheet

M2M Automation simplifies complex network, device connectivity, infrastructure provisioning and cloud data center operations to drive value for M2M and IoT services

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