Security Manager

Lockbox security policies protect every message, device & transaction


Security is considered the top challenge for most organizations as they look to gain value from connected solutions.

M2Mi’s patented Lockbox security is purpose built to address the scale and unique architectural requirements of the diverse M2M & IoT ecosystem. By ensuring that each access to a resource meets Lockbox security policies, M2Mi protects each and every asset, device and transaction within the connected ecosystem.

Security Manager Features and Benefits

  • Enable timely security updates to sensors and devices +

    The security manager is integrated with device and connection manager modules to easily connect to and update devices with the latest security and firmware updates. These can be setup for immediate group device actions or scheduled for a specific time
  • Enforce dynamic security policies to address changing context +

    The M2M and IoT environment is ever changin. Lockbox security policies are dynamic and based on the current context and state of the environment. For example, it can allow message transfer only if the connection is within a certain geography or using SSL. Security policies can also be customized based on company requirements
  • Rogue device identification to prevent spoofing +

    With the large numbers of diverse devices connecting to a network, it is possible to spoof a rogue device. Lockbox technology uses whitelists to manage security access and authentication. It also can analyze traffic patterns, device behavior to detect anomalies – thus identifying rogue devices and preventing harm to the environment
  • Strict control of user access, roles and privileges +

    M2Mi uses role based policies to enforce access, authority and role within the company's environment. The planform can also integrate with an organization's current LDAP or IAM environment so that only authorized users and resources can access the device and the messages from it
  • M2M & IoT optimized encryption for performance and security +

    The scale, low power devices and distributed nature of an IoT environment requires powerful but lightweight encryption. M2Mi uses standard TLS, HTTPS, SSL for transport security and strong, lightweight data encryption optimized for IoT scale and performance requirements.
  • Whitelisting and hardware enhanced infrastructure trust +

    Trusting the device is a important for data and infrastructure trust. M2Mi Lockbox used whitelisting as a way to make sure that only authorized devices are connected to the environment. For deeper capability, M2Mi can activate secure-boot hardware modules (if available on the end device) to ensure device and infrastructure trust.
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